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Income and Current Election Participation

Last updated: October 24, 2005

Electoral participation is sometimes related to demographic background variables. For instance, the following graphs show that in most CSES countries, those who say they voted in the current election have a higher average income than those who say they did not vote.

CSES Module 1

CSES Module 2

Data Source:
CSES Module 1: August 4, 2003 version
CSES Module 2: June 29, 2005 version

Variables Used:
CSES Module 1: A2012, A2028
CSES Module 2: B2020, B3004_1, B3004_2

Weights Used:
CSES Module 1: A1010_1 (Sample Weight)
CSES Module 2: B1010_1 (Sample Weight)