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August 22, 2007 (edited to add more papers on August 23, 2007 and September 4, 2007)

Dear Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) colleagues,

We want to inform you about some of the papers using CSES data that will be presented next week at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA) in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Panel 11-35, "Is Democracy Working? Satisfaction, Accountability and Participation in Electoral Democracies," on Thursday, August 30 at 2:00pm contains three papers that make use of CSES. The panel is to be chaired by Ian McAllister of The Australian National University, with Pippa Norris, of the United Nations Development Programme and Harvard University, as the discussant.

Panel 36-16, "Comparative Electoral Systems," on Saturday, September 1 at 10:15am contains two papers that make use of CSES. The panel is to be chaired by Lawrence Ezrow of the University of Essex, with Mathieu Turgeon of the University of North Texas, and Shaun Bowler of the University of California, Riverside, as discussants.

Panel 14-11, "Party Strategies and Electoral Systems," on Sunday, September 2 at 8:00am also contains two papers that make use of CSES. The panel is to be chaired by Markus M. L. Crepaz of the University of Georgia, with Christian B. Jensen of the University of Iowa, and Jeffrey Stacey of Tulane University, as discussants.

These presentations, or their associated papers, also make use of CSES:

If your APSA presentation or paper makes use of CSES and is not listed here, please let us know and we will make sure it appears in the announcement that will follow on the CSES website, and in the CSES Bibliography.

We hope to see you at APSA!

Best regards,
David Howell
Director of Studies
Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES)